Vores ambitioner er at opnå ZERO Farming Footprint


Med udvidelsen af vores bæredygtighedsprogram fra Together Towards ZERO (TTZ) til Together Towards ZERO and Beyond (TTZAB) har vi tilføjet landbrug som et nyt ESG-fokusområde. Inden for dette har vi en ambition om et ZERO Farming Footprint landbrug aftryk, der indeholder nye mål og tiltag i vores værdikæde og nye milepæle frem mod 2030 og 2040.

Vi vil gå Beyond ved at købe vores råvarer fra bæredygtige kilder og fra regenerative landbrugsmetoder, idet vi sigter mod, at 30 % af alle råvarer inden 2030 og 100 % inden 2040, kommer fra regenerative landbrugsmetoder og bæredygtige kilder.

De initiativer som vi vil lancere for at nå vores ambition om et ZERO Farming Footprint, vil også skabe resultater, der vil fremskynde vores mål om ZERO Farming Footprint i hele vores værdikæde inden 2040.







  • 30% af vores råvarer er dyrket med regenerative landbrugsmetoder og kommer fra bæredygtige kilder
  •  100% af vores råvarer er dyrket med regenerative landbrugsmetoder og kommer fra bæredygtige kilder


Promoting sustainable agriculture through crop innovation

Scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Copenhagen have been exploring the boundaries of crop science and perfecting the art of brewing since 1876. Today, they are turning their attention to sustainable agriculture to reduce climate risks in our supply chain.

Regenerative farming in Finland

KOFF Christmas beer, produced at our carbon-neutral Sinebrychoff brewery, is the most popular Christmas beer in Finland. It contains a very special barley from regenerative practices.

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ZERO Packaging Waste

ZERO Packaging Waste

With the evolution of our ESG programme from Together Towards ZERO (TTZ) to Together Towards ZERO and Beyond (TTZAB), we have introduced packaging as a new ESG focus area. Within this, we have a ZERO Packaging Waste ambition which shapes new targets and activities in both our up- and downstream value chain, and new milestones towards 2030.

ZERO Accidents Culture

ZERO Accidents Culture

Protecting the health and safety of our people in all work activities is a core value to the way we run our business. We believe that all accidents are preventable and that a ZERO Accidents Culture is essential to a safe working environment.

ZERO Irresponsible Drinking

ZERO Irresponsible Drinking

We will continue delivering on our Together Towards ZERO commitments, including encouragement of responsible behaviour through our brands, our packaging, and local partnerships. In addition to this, we will go Beyond by working towards new targets, including a 35% global portfolio share for our low-alcohol and alcohol-free brews to further expand consumer choice.